Fold Travel Toothbrush for Kids

Portable and foldable: these mini travel toothbrushes can be put into the plastic handle cover when not in use to protect the toothbrush from dust pollution, and they can be easily kept in your pocket, wallet, desk drawer, and wash bag, and more.

Quality material: these travel toothbrushes are mainly made of sturdy and durable plastic, come with a firm grip handle, gentle and non-irritating; Each folding toothbrush for travel is made of soft, fine hairs, which can effectively protect gums and effectively clean your teeth.

Widely applied: these toothbrushes are adopting shrinkable design so that they can be folded when not in use, pocket-size, and portability which makes these folding toothbrushes are widely applied in travel, business trip, camp, wild adventure, and so on.

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