Must-Have Bathroom Necessities

Have you ever been to a friend’s house and put up in an uncomfortable setting when you need to throw your lady trash but have no rubbish bin? Or the moment when you have to remove a clinging piece of dried fruit in your teeth, only to find yourself holding up a toilet paper instead of a string of floss?

These and more awkward bathroom situations usually give us a good laugh in the end. But no, it doesn’t mean your guests can experience a similar situation. Knowing what your bathroom should consist of doesn’t involve science. Almost all of the items can be found in a local store.

Perhaps you’re looking to add fresh items to your supplies for home relocation or planning to decorate with style to impress your guests. Whatever you need, here’s a simple list of bathroom necessities you should be adding right now!

  1. Shower Caddy

You don’t want to stock up your stall shower floor with endless bottles of body wash and shampoo, do you? A shower caddy is one of the basic accessories found in most homes. Other than soap and bath products, it is also a perfect place to store sponge and antibacterial hand soap or sanitizer. It can be made from plastic, mesh, metal, or stainless steel, plus the designs and textures greatly vary as well.

Below is a checklist of shower caddy essentials.

  • Bar soap or body wash – splurge in a nice body wash or soap to give you a deeper clean and leave your skin feeling super fresh all day long!
  • Shampoo & conditioner – buy separate ones or have a shampoo and conditioner in a single caddie. The latter is tempting as you can minimize shower time while getting your hair washed satisfyingly.  
  • Shower gel – a go-to cleansing product for those who fancy a shower over a regular bath, and a product made with organic and natural ingredients is your best resort
  • Shaving cream & razor – always keep these items if you love to shear everything off and be bare
  • Facewash – the right product should suit well to your skin type to help you achieve a fair, younger-looking skin
  • Lotion – specifically beneficial during winter climates to moisturize your skin
  • Hairbrush – some products work perfectly on wet hair – say goodbye to frustrating knots and tangles!

Simply hang your shower caddy, whether over the shower nozzle or somewhere more convenient and easier to reach by those little hands. Unlike some standard shelves or baskets, it is a more popular option as it helps reduce the presence of clutter and avoid potential trip over. Use the two large baskets to hold bath products, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, while the hooks allow you to hang loofahs and washcloths.

  • Toilet Paper

There are rolls of eco-friendly toilet paper you can find nearby. It is best to buy plenty so that you won’t run out in the middle of the night. You never know when a bathroom emergency will strike!

  • Mirror

Your bathroom also deserves a nice mirror – whether big or small and plain or luxurious. Mount it on the wall, but for an extra flair, why not add extras? Let’s say a magnifying or full-length mirror. Your call!

  • Oral Hygiene

Of course, your bathroom supplies are not complete without oral hygiene kits. Let’s start with the basics!

  • Toothbrush – if you’re an eco-conscious like us, a bamboo toothbrush makes an excellent addition to your dental routine. Alternatively, opt for an electric toothbrush for less manual effort in removing particles, bacteria, and plaque while making your teeth and gums healthier.
  • Fluoride Toothpaste – talking about cavity prevention, fluoride strengthens teeth and protects them throughout the demineralization process, so make sure to have one!
  • Floss – foods can be sticky and clingy; hence, your guests would surely appreciate letting them have a string of floss to remove teeth fragments easily
  • Mouthwash – especially after consuming foods or drinks, mouthwash can help return your guest’s glorious, fresh smile. Having antimicrobial properties will fight cavities, avoid plaque buildup, and reduce bad breath.
  • Non-Slip Bath Mat

Get a bathmat in front of your shower or tub and sink to absorb water from brushing teeth and washing faces and hands. An ideal non-slip bathmat is foot-friendly, soft, and can withstand recurrent use for an extended time.

  • Trash Can

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this item. Instead of going outside, save your guests from the walk of shame by putting a small trash can with a lid in your bathroom. Maybe under the sink behind closed doors or wherever you deemed fit. Just be sure it is easy to spot.

  • Storage Bins & Baskets

Declutter and make your bathroom more inviting by having as many storage bins and baskets as you need. Here, you can store personal care items, extra bath products, and even medicines and first aid needs.

  • Cleaning Supplies

Choose cleaning supplies depending on your personal needs. But generally, they are composed of cleaners for shower or bathtub, toilet bowl, glass, and surfaces, including a mop system, toilet brush, dishwashing liquid, and disinfectant wipes or spray.

  • Diffusers

This one’s not entirely required. But wouldn’t it be nice having some stocks of diffusers in your bathroom storage to clear out the air, chuck out the horrid smell, and create a snug atmosphere? You can even use them during a shower to give you that homely spa experience! Otherwise, indulge in a relaxing plunge bath with scented candles. You can make them at home from small bottles or purchase off-the-rack models.

Your bathroom is a sanctuary. Most people, in fact, consider it as one of the coziest areas in the home, and therefore, should be treated in such a way. It is one of the places where you spend most of your time – brushing teeth, washing hands or face, shaving, fixing hair, taking a bath or shower, and applying makeup. If you have guests coming in, a fully stocked bathroom is one way to win their hearts and, well, make them envious. When choosing products, make sure they have a great combination of personal touch, style, and functionality. You can start with the list of essentials we picked for you!

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