What Is Guest Supplies In Hotel

Guest supplies make your stay comfortable at a hotel. These essential items give you the feeling of home away from home! Without perfect guest supplies in a hotel, you’ll feel ordinary! Yes, you heard that right, guest supplies make you feel special and luxurious.

What type of guest supplies you get in a hotel depends on your hotel type. You can expect hotel supplies at a five-star hotel to be exceptional.

Let’s find out what guest supplies in a hotel are:

#1. Toiletries

Imagine traveling to a new country and bringing your shampoo, soap, body wash, lotion, and the list goes on. In order to make your life easy, a hotel provides you:

Shampoo: You get shampoo in a small plastic bottle. You can ask for more if it ends!

Soap: Wrapped in cute packaging, you’ll get soap for your stay. You can spot it by the sink or it’ll be visible on a fancy shelf.

Body Wash: You get a body wash that smells great! In fact, you may want to buy the whole bottle that can remind you of this wonderful trip.

Body Lotion: When you dry up, you have to freshen up your skin. Apply the body lotion that the hotel provides and feel extra special.

#2. Hairdryer

After taking a warm shower, you’ll love to dry your hair and that’s when you’ll use the hair dryer in your hotel room. If it’s not working for some reason, ask customer service to replace it for you.

#3. Towels

You get towels in the bathroom. There are many of them for the entire family. You can ask for more from the reception!

#4. Beach Towels

An interesting thing for you to know here is the fact that you need not rely on the towels in your room, you can ask for extra beach towels.

#5. Pillows

The hotel gives you the pillows to feel cozy while sleeping. You may not be a pillow person, but maybe tonight is a different story.

#6. Safe Deposit

The hotel may offer a safe deposit where you can keep your precious belongings. It’s important to keep your important stuff safe especially if you’re new in the area.

#7. Blanket

The warm blanket on your bed is inviting you to sleep. You get the blankets and they will be comfortable.

#8. Bed Sheet

The clean bedsheets remind you of the days when you were a kid. Every time you’ll jump on the bed, your mom will scold you to get down.

#9.  Hotel Slippers

It’s hard to deny the significance of hotel slippers. The slippers could be made from cotton, velvet, or other material that’s disposable. You can reuse the hotel slippers and some hotels may let you take the slippers home, but it has to be recycled or discarded after your stay at the hotel.

#10. Bed

Though you are a guest, the comfortable bed in your room reminds you of home for some reason especially if you plan on staying for a long time.

#11. Sofa

Depending on what type of room you get, you may have a sofa in your room. So when you get tired of sleeping, you can sit on the sofa and relax. There could be special sofas in the room that turn into beds!

#12. Office Desk And Chair

The office desk and chair will let you work from the hotel room. You see the possibility of your dream coming true as you always wanted to enjoy a digital lifestyle.

#13. Television

Although you love your smartphone and laptop, you get a TV in your hotel room. There will be numerous channels to keep you engaged! You can even sign in to Netflix or watch a cartoon movie with the kids.

#14. Free Coffee And Coffee Maker

If you love coffee, you will love the free one the most! When you enter your hotel room, you’ll spot the coffee maker. Also, there will be a coffee package waiting for you to open it.

#15. Microwave Oven

You can spot a microwave oven in the hotel room that will help you keep your food warm and delicious.

#16. Mini Refrigerator

There will also be a mini-refrigerator in your room. You can keep the desserts or leftovers in the refrigerator. You can enjoy the best time of your life while staying as a guest at the hotel.

#17. Iron And Iron Stand

Guests can keep their clothes in good shape using the iron and iron stand. If the iron isn’t working ask the reception to change it for you.

#18. Clothes Rack And Hangers

Hotels will provide clothes racks and hangers for the guests to keep their clothes in good shape after ironing.

#19. Wastebasket

Even the wastebasket serves a purpose where you can throw all the waste and unwanted items. There could be separate bins for recycling, organic, and other types of waste.

#20. Mirror In Room

When you are ready to head out, you’ll want to see how you look! A full-size mirror in your hotel room can let you see your beautiful self.

#21. Alarm Clock

Despite the fact that you rely on your smartphone for living, you can take advantage of the alarm clock in your hotel room. You don’t want to remember the “Groundhog Day” movie, but it’s a gentle reminder to give your life meaning by making the most of these 24 hours in a day.

#22. Lamps

You’ll observe many lamps in your room, but the night lamp can be your favorite as it’ll let you read some books. If you love to read, you will like the ease of use of these lamps.

#23. Individually Wrapped Cups

You’ll also notice some individually wrapped cups in the hotel room. You’ll use the cups for drinking water or maybe for drinking coffee.

#24. Other Supplies

  • There are many other things that are vital for the guests such as:
  • Some hotels may provide free breakfast for the guests.
  • The wifi is free and it could be your number one priority.
  • There may be a welcome basket containing different items as a compliment from the hotel.
  • There will be utensils in the hotel room especially if you’re staying in a suite with your family.

Final Words

The guest supplies in a hotel are to provide the utmost level of comfort to the user. A guest gets a special treatment that depends on what type of hotel you’re staying at! The list of the guest supplies will keep on adding as you prefer more comfort in life.

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