Why Do Hotels Use Everything White?

For any trip, lodging accommodations are a top priority. One aspect of every hotel that remains consistent is the color white. From towels to teacups, most of the items that you use end up being white. But have you ever wondered why this is the case?

Well if you did and are curious to know why the color white is a favorite, read on to find out.


Why is everything white? 

You might think that white is not a practical color of choice. Not only does it stain easily, but the spots and marks also become more visible due to the contrast. Naturally, public places like hotels and restaurants cater to a wide variety of people. This means that the chances of spilling wine or food increase by many folds. Why then is white still the go-to shade for most objects used in the said domain?

The answer is simple. It is exactly because it stains that white has been in use so abundantly. The white sheet on the bed or the towels enhances the sense of cleanliness inside your room. Let us face facts. A single hotel room has been used by several different people. They can have different customs, practices, and ways of life. So you never really can be sure of the sanitation. Bedsheets and towels are items that we use intimately. Therefore not being hygienic and clean is not just a matter of aesthetics. It is crucial that the customer is satisfied with these basic daily necessities.


Colored sheets vs. White sheets

Now a colored sheet could easily hide the dirt and blemishes. The stains can get camouflaged by the bright hues. This means that you can never be sure whether the place you are sleeping in is completely spotless and dirt free. Similarly, towels are another important attribute. You will see that the tissues and handkerchiefs along with the towels provided are almost always white. This makes the user feel that the object they are using directly on their skin is free of germs and infections. The color white magnifies the immaculateness of all these items.

The Color White Is A Safe Bet


Shades of white can be refreshing to look at. The decor that goes along with the accessories is crucial for keeping the customers happy. And white essentially goes with everything. So it is also the safer choice of shades. After a tiring day of traveling, all you want to do is get back to your room and plop down on the bed. I’m pretty sure a very bright green or orange sheet will not be as comforting as the eternal color of peace i.e. white. A clean wide bedspread is soothing to the eyes and the mind. an ivory white sheet without any spots or stains will provide you with the mental peace and satisfaction that you expect.

The color white and hospitality go way back!

White linens were first introduced a long time back. The twentieth century saw a complete change in the tourism industry. And the living establishments caught up the quickest. The use of white articles brought about a boom in commerce. More and more customers preferred the different shades of white over the brighter colors of the spectrum. According to the research conducted, it was reported that people simply enjoyed the calm and peaceful vibe the color radiated. Especially in the 1990s, most facilities decided to join the club.

And it’s not just about the sheets and towels. You will see even the crockeries and the utensils used are either white ceramic or glass. The logic behind this remains the same. plates, bowls, and dishes are bound to stain. The moment you pour tea into a cup, it leaves a mark behind. Similarly, food too can be a major staining element. However, you will see that serving tableware is almost always white. Even patterns and motifs are not that common. This is because A clean white plate will convince you that whatever you are putting inside your stomach is completely safe. You will think twice about eating in a public space. And that is because in such cases hygiene is a standing concern. Unlike your home, you do not know for certain how well the equipment was cleaned. White porcelain can immediately put your mind to ease. And you can enjoy your dinner date without a speck of doubt regarding the quality of your meal.


Though this is the practical reason behind why the color white is so abundant, there is another aspect. The aesthetics and the decor of a space matter a lot when it comes to customer satisfaction. And a uniform color that goes with nearly all shades of the spectrum is white. Besides, it is not that there is a single tone. Whites can be of ivory, pearl, or paper hued. Therefore white also offers other options to choose from. Black could also be considered from this standpoint. But the color loses points when it comes to proving the neatness and sanitation. This is where white stands out— it’s like hitting 2 birds with the same stone. Not only does white highlight and settle your concerns, but it also enhances the look. Besides this is one such color that never goes out of style. White can be a huge fashion statement if pulled off correctly. 


The various shades of white have another benefit. Since it is difficult to maintain, a clean white appearance also establishes the organization’s financial condition. Just like rich people prefer white because it proves that they can afford to keep their personal belongings clean, hotels and inns follow a similar principle as well. Thus, the color white was not chosen to be used universally just like that. As you can see, the perks of white are many. It provides your clientele with a sense of well-being that comes from a clean and healthy environment. At the same time, it also amplifies the interior furnishing along with the beauty of the said space, in general. 

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