Hair Wash: The Dos and Don’ts

Dry or coarse hair? Perhaps you’re rinsing your hair too often than usual. Locks harder to comb and knottier than usual? You may be brushing too much or aggressively.

Chances are, you are not giving a lot of thought when it comes to washing your hair. It’s not solely about the quality of hair care products you use but how you take care of your hair. Implementing unseemingly habits also lead to hair loss caused by regular bleaching or perming and hair damage due to excessive heat and styling.

Are you washing your hair the right way? Check out the dos and don’ts of the hair care routine to achieve that fluffier, radiantly healthy hair!


  • Detangle or brush your hair before wetting it

Detangling your hair before leaving it under the water is a crucial step towards maintaining its length and health. Use a fine brush to clean the scalp and eliminate buildups like commercial hair products and dead skin cells.

  • Rinse with warm water first

Before applying shampoo, wash your hair first with lukewarm water to open the pores on your scalp – eventually making it easier to remove oil and dirt. Soak for a few minutes.

  • Use the right shampoo

We cannot stress this enough. Pick a shampoo in line with the type and style of your hair. For instance, a clarifying shampoo works best for bleached and fine hair, while a moisturizing shampoo is ideal for coarse or thick hair.

  • Lather shampoo on the palm before applying or mix the shampoo with water

The idea behind this is to lessen the concentration of your shampoo (specifically if it includes harsh chemicals) to prevent hair damage and allow the mixture to seep deeper into the roots and hair in a more efficient way.

  • Use conditioner after shampoo

Particularly for longer hair, conditioner aids in preserving moisture and binding hair cuticle. Spread it evenly all along your hair, leave for five to seven minutes, and then rinse with cold water. Although, make sure not to apply it directly to your scalp.

  • Scrub your scalp and massage your head gently

Use your fingertips to scrub your scalp in tiny circles. It will help release skin flakes, dirt, and deposit. Massage your head in a spherical motion. Begin from front to back, then in reverse, to exfoliate and stimulate your scalp.

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly

Ensure not to leave traces of shampoo and conditioner on your strands before leaving off the shower, or it will cause scalp prickling or irritation and congest your hair follicles. Wash your hair thoroughly with cold or normal water for at least one to two minutes.

  • Squeeze or pat hair dry  

As experts suggest, it’s always best to let your hair dry naturally. Air-dry or towel-dry, whichever you prefer. For the latter, use an old shirt or a microfiber towel to squash out excess water.

  • Apply a hair mask

Part of your daily routine must be using a hair mask at least twice per week to restore hair strand hydration, reserve its healthy appearance, and combat common hair problems. Do a gentle rinse after removing the hair mask.

  • Perform regular trims

Unless you are planning to grow your locks longer, you should get regular trims to detangle hair, encourage gorgeous growth, and reduce the appearance of split-ends and broken strands.


  • Wash your hair every day

How often you wash your hair may be wrong after all. The rule of thumb is at least every other day. But of course, it also depends on your hair type, scalp texture, and personal preference. Just be sure not to wait longer as it may result in a few problems, such as oily scalp and unpleasant hair smell.

Excessive washing is never a good idea too. Many have reported dealing with fragile hair and itchy scalp. Not to mention, it tends to strip off natural moisture. Those with dry hair may only need washing 1-2 times a week, while oily hair may require every 2-3 days.

  • Use too much shampoo

You don’t need to shampoo two times before conditioning; otherwise, be prepared to experience the wrath of damaged and unhealthy growth of your hair. Two-timing the shampoo is another common issue where people use two different shampoos at a time. Prevent the same mistake to save your precious crown.

  • Comb your hair when wet

Another guilty pleasure to some. Remember that your hair is more vulnerable to hair breakage and damage when wet. You can alternatively run fingers through your hair, then comb when completely dried.  

  • Tie wet hair with a towel

Perhaps you’ve fallen into this trick before (we all did!). Again, your hair becomes at its most fragile state when wet, so tying it up is not recommended. It can tug your roots and eventually cause split ends and damage. In some cases, tied-up damp hair leads to more serious problems like dandruff and head lice.

  • Rub your hair vigorously

There are some possible causes when you rub your hair briskly after washing: hair fall, major frizz, breakage, rough hair, and long-term damage. The best you can do is blot it gently or use a microfiber or paper towel (not your regular bath towel). Be gentle and patient, and your hair will thank you!  

  • Blow dry your hair

We get it that you have a busy day to fulfill, and waiting for a few hours to dry your hair is the least of your priority. However, be aware that excessive exposure to direct heat from a blow dryer or other heat styling tools can damage your hair. You might as well use it moderately and have a heat protectant product with you.  

Remember how we were told that hair is our crowning glory? Not only will it make or break your self-image and fashion sense, but it can also be an indicator of weak or robust health. That’s why you should pay attention to how you care for it in an appropriate manner. Why not start with the abovementioned tips and see where it goes? Don’t forget to incorporate a healthy diet, especially when dealing with thinning or weak hair!

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