Making the Switch to Eco-Friendly Disposables Hotel Amenities

Times are changing. Today, the world we live in needs our help. It isn’t easy to change one’s ways. The hospitality business is also a part of this. There are rampant practices that seem okay. However, they may turn out to be harmful to the environment upon deeper inspection. It is necessary to incorporate amenities that can circumvent this problem. Hotels and hospitality industries can do their bit to make it happen. It is a great idea to focus on eco-friendly and disposable hotel amenities.

Why should you make the big switch?

This world is ours. The environment ultimately sustains us. As a part of a hospitality business, you also need to do your part. Switching out your non-biodegradable disposables is an easy solution. It basically ensures that the amenities you provide remain constant. It just takes the toxic component out of it. So, you don’t need to make huge infrastructural changes. This switch is essentially a collection of small lifestyle changes.

As a hospitality provider, you want the best for your guests. It is only second nature to want to give them your all. However, eco-friendly materials can also satiate their needs. Your guests don’t necessarily need amenities that are harmful to the environment. So, it is a wonderful idea to look at your options. You can do your bit by providing eco-friendly disposable amenities. There are several changes that you can make. And the best part is that it won’t even cost you much effort!

How can you switch over?

There are certain amenities that can take a toll on the environment, This is especially true for toiletries and disposable hotel amenities. When there is non-biodegradable packaging, it can become a problem too. Improper waste disposal can also be a contributor to environmental harm. They can be the cause of a lot of pollution. Besides, these amenities sometimes contain chemicals. When washed down the drain, they can be very harmful. Toxic chemicals can cause extensive damage to the environment. Naturally, you need to explore your options for eco-friendly amenities. Here are some ways to do that.

Products free of parabens and sulfates

Your hotel provides the guests with a bunch of toiletries. A well-stocked toilet kit is a sure way to their heart. However, are your products safe? Sometimes, toiletries contain chemicals like sulfates and parabens. They aren’t the best choice for either the guest or the environment. People who are allergy-prone are very likely to suffer. Sulfates and Parabens don’t translate well to sensitive skin. On the other hand, these toilets runoff as waste down the drain. In the process, they add these harmful chemicals to the environment. That is why you should look for products free of these chemicals. Find a provider who will develop eco-friendly toiletries. Ensuring that they don’t contribute to pollution is important. Also, get them tested to ensure that they aren’t hyper allergen.

Reducing plastic disposables in the food department

The food and beverage department uses many disposable products. Dishes, saucers, and crockery are sometimes all disposable products. The restaurant should offer ceramics and glassware. That might mean extra work for the staff. But, it cuts down on the use of plastics. Another thing would be the crockery. If there is a need for disposables, you could use wooden spoons and forks. They are inexpensive to produce. Besides, they can be disposed of once used. Being biodegradable, they won’t harm the environment during waste management. This could be an effective way to provide disposables. At the same time, they won’t affect the environment negatively.

Cut down on single-serve condiment packs

Once again, this has to do with the food section. If your hotel provides little packs of condiments, it may be reviewed. You obviously don’t have to cut off the service. Condiments are a necessary part of any meal. However, you could change their packaging. Instead of plastic packs, they could be made of environment-friendly material. Another possibility is to serve in glassware.

Built-in toiletry dispensers

In the rooms, toiletries often come in plastic packaging too. Aside from removing toxic chemicals, toiletries can play another role. The hotel could repackage the entire toiletry kit using eco-friendly materials. This is a great idea for disposable packs. If not, you could go for built-in dispensers. These can be containers installed into the bathroom. Just refilling them will be enough. You won’t have to dispose of tons of tiny slit wrappers. Also, bulk refills will come in handy. That will also reduce wastage. Consequently, waste management can become significantly more effective.

Reduce the amount of plastic wrapping

It is not just the toiletries that come in plastic wrapping. Disposable hotel slippers, in-room amenities, and many other things also need to be cleaned. Very often, they are provided in sealed plastic wrappings. Disposable hotel slippers themselves have plastics in their constitution. That is why it is important to oversee these in-room amenities. Reviewing the harmful packaging can be a huge step. You could also focus on finding a provider who will provide slippers made of biodegradable fibers. Overall, there are many things that could technically be changed. Disposable in-room amenities contribute to a lot of waste. At least using biodegradable substances reduces their harmful impact.

Review the establishment’s energy consumption

Finally, this is perhaps the most important point. Rampant and unnecessary energy consumption strains the resources. It is very important to eliminate extra energy consumption. This can be done by providing coupons for energy saving. The management also needs to be aware of energy wastage. The most eco-friendly thing to do is reduce the wastage of electricity and water. That is why this little tip is pivotal. It can go a long way in making your establishment an environment-conscious one.

It is not difficult to make some small changes. These changes can help your world out. But by becoming environmentally aware, you are doing your bit for the planet. Plus, this could also be the selling point of your establishment. After all, your guests would feel good about it too!

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