Hotel Shower Gel

In addition to soap, more and more hotels will choose shower gel as a cleaning product for their guests.

The body wash is not as hard as soap when it touches human skin. The effect of amino acid body wash is particularly obvious. Compared with body wash made of sulfate-based surface-active agents, the PH value of amino acid body wash is lower, which is gentle and moisturizes the skin. Will not cause strong acid-base irritation to the skin.

How to judge the quality of the hotel shower gel?

Preparation: Two mineral water bottles with half a bottle of water, and two shower gels of different brands.

Step 1: Put two drops of shower gel of different brands in two half-bottles of spring water, close the lid and shake it vigorously to see the degree of foam. Generally, the foam is better, and it is easier to wash.

Step 2: Put the two bottles on a flat surface and wait for 5 minutes to see the clarity of the water. Generally, a clear shower gel is better. Shower gels with low transparency generally contain more chemical components, which are harmful to the skin.

The clearer shower gels are generally more natural. If the pH test paper is used for testing, the PH value is between 5 and 6, which is weakly acidic, like an amino acid body wash, which can maintain the skin environment and has strong cleaning power. Because human skin is weakly acidic, only those with the same PH value can fully open the pores to achieve the purpose of deep cleansing, while alkaline ones can only clean up to the dirt on the outside, and will take away the moisture on the skin, and then damage The skin.

General hotel soaps are alkaline and can damage the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to use a PH value of 5-6 with similar properties to the skin. It is better to use a weakly acidic shower gel. Apply the shower gel directly on the skin to see how the skin absorbs the shower gel. Generally, the shower gel can be absorbed and the skin is more comfortable.

When taking a bath, pour it on a bath flower or towel and rub it until the foam is thick. Then apply to the whole body, and finally rinse with water to clean the skin and remove dust and dirt. Lavender shower gel is not recommended for children. Although lavender has become the first choice for people in bathing because of its fragrant smell. However, a recent study from the American Association of Environmental Health Sciences found that the use of shampoos, soaps and shower gels containing lavender oil and tea tree oil can cause hormonal disorders and abnormal breast enlargement in young boys. Now, there are 3 boys aged 4, 7, and 10 years old in the United States, showing abnormal breast development.

Although essential oils are highly volatile, they can enter the dermis and participate in systemic circulation within a few minutes. However, shower gel and shampoo are not allowed to stay for more than 30 minutes when bathing and shampooing, so it is difficult to cause damage to human health. However, children’s skin is soft and it is best not to use products containing fragrance. When bathing, try to reduce the time that the bath lotion and soap stay on the body, and wash away the foam as soon as possible.

The hotel shower gel is no longer a simple cleansing of the skin, it pays more attention to the cool and refreshing, moist and smooth feeling brought by the shower, which has become the higher enjoyment that people have sought in the shower in recent years.

Women like moisturizing shower gels, while men pay more attention to the sterilization function of shower gels. Male customers mostly have oily skin, so male customers use soap more. Even if they use shower gel, they mainly use sterilizing and refreshing ones. Female customers, especially housewives, sell shower gels. The main force, they play a leading role in the selection of bath products. Female customers usually have neutral to dry skin. When choosing shower gels, they use moisturizing and whitening products, such as amino acid type. The refreshing and refreshing type in summer is their favorite. Of course, the boring winter is more in need of milk moisturizing care. Nowadays, all kinds of new bath products in the market, such as deep seaweed cleansing, papaya moisturizing, pearl whitening, amino acid replenishing, etc., are mainly based on the needs of female customers.

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