Hotel Soaps vs. Shower Gels

Everyone wants to experience things that are more than the ordinary. They give higher degrees of sensations like excitement, delight, interest, pleasure, joy, amusement, fun, laughter, bliss, ecstasy, paradise, heaven, and cloud nine! They somewhat relieve some sorts of pain, depression, angst, and agony of the spirit.

Shower gels are indeed one of the things that come extraordinary. They are more surprising and more astonishing than the bar soaps in hotels. They have several amazing benefits over traditional bar soaps. So, if you want to know my reasons why I chose shower gels over bar soaps when I stay in hotels or even when I am at home, here are my reasons why:

The packaging and liquid contents cannot be penetrated by unnecessary microorganisms. 

They are sealed and protected. They are contained in a bottle or tube. So, there is no room for contamination! Do you know that bar soaps can be a breeding ground for bacteria because of their wet surface? Most of the time, bar soaps are placed or stored in a not dry place. They stay in the shower room. They are usually in a wet soap holder. So they are oftentimes gooey. Because of this condition, bacteria or unwanted microorganisms can thrive. When you use it again, the bacteria will transfer onto your skin leaving it unhealthy and dirty. We do not want this to happen. Thus, shower gels are more advisable. They are more hygienic than bar soaps.

Shower gels have better formulations than bar soaps. 

Do you know that shower gels prevent skin infections? Pure liquids with the components essential to the skin will be delivered right away. Shower gels contain vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. They have active ingredients and antioxidants for healthier-looking skin. One example of these is the botanical or herbal ingredient like aloe vera that makes the skin hydrated. Also, shower gels have components like whitening, exfoliating, anti-aging, and anti-cellulite for flawless and supple skin. Moreover, natural oils make the skin nourished.

They provide essential moisture. 

Shower gels moisturize the skin. They leave the skin with the necessary moisture that makes it softer and healthier than the bar soaps. Bar soaps can remove skin’s natural oil because of Sodium Lauryl. Imagine if you use it daily. Your skin becomes dry and very flaky. Remember that using shower gels is always a better moisturizing option than bar soaps. They can make the flaky skin extremely moisturized after several uses. So, if you stay in a hotel and there are shower gels, use them! Get rid of bar soaps anymore.

They have soothing fragrances and scents.

Because shower gels have essential oils, they contain different fruit and flower extracts for soothing and calming scents. They are infused with wonderful and heavenly scents that are soothing and relaxing. Soothing fragrances are proven to promote better blood circulation. During and after a shower, when you smell these relaxing scents, they stimulate you to have a better and quality sleep. Other shower gels have mint chocolate, milk, and cocoa butter scents. Others are inspired by marine or ocean elements. Some are enthused with cotton-candy scents. All of these give a pampering feeling.

They refresh the skin. 

Shower gels can give a refreshing feeling. They cleanse and refresh the skin leaving the skin cool and calm. Lavender is an example of them. It helps the skin to relax. That kind of feeling helps you to be calm and peaceful. In addition, shower gels also energize the skin with contents like citrus fruits. They help the skin to be invigorated and revitalized. What more could you ask for?

They prevent skin irritations. 

Shower gels got lower pH levels, unlike bar soaps. Bar soaps have high pH levels that cause skin irritation. Sometimes, this becomes serious irritation if you have sensitive skin. Unfortunately, our skin cannot speak and say that it does not like the bar soap that we use. You need to be observant and keen if your skin is becoming flaky and itchy. So, using body wash is always the best option.

They are the best solution for eczema, acne, psoriasis, and other various chronic skin conditions.

Because of shower gels moisturizing properties, they are mild on the skin. They are also recommended for people with eczema, acne, psoriasis, and other various chronic skin conditions. Most shower gels or body wash are suitable for all skin types. Their gentle hydration on the skin makes the skin nourished that it prevents those kinds of skin disorders

They provide deep cleaning. 

There are several reasons why shower gels provide deep cleaning. First, they contain micro-fine clay that absorbs impurities. Second, they have active exfoliating beads that remove deep-seated dirt. Third, other gels have volcanic mud, which makes gels fast whitening. These three make the skin deeply cleansed.

Shower gels do not only relax you but the one who smells you, too. 

This addicting feeling will be felt by the people who come closer to you. This kind of sensation from them or a special someone will stimulate more cuddling moments, more hugging experiences, and more romantic instants. Shower gels make your scent more impressive and remarkable. The fragrance that they give is extraordinary.

They provide suitability when you travel. 

When you are in a hurry, shower gels are easier to carry. They are not messy. Your clothes and other pieces of stuff will be safe from pouring. They are sealed. Unlike bar soaps, if it is wet, and you put it back on its plastic, it will still be messy. You have to bring resealable plastic to get rid of wet and unnecessary moisture that might flow on your important things.

Well, I will always choose shower gels over bar soaps in the hotel. The ten reasons above are just some of the fantastic reasons why they are better than the bar soaps. They can give more than an ordinary bathing experience. They provide proper skincare. They have scents that everyone will love.

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