The Basic Services That Hotels Must Provide to Their Guest

Gone are the days when a guest had limited options. Now, a simple click online can give tons of options to your potential guests. So, what’s so different about your hotel that a guest must choose you over others? Think about it.

Read on if you wonder what some of the essential services hotels must provide to their guests. Plus, it’s wise to think outside the box so that you can get more customers. After all, you have to gain a competitive edge in your industry. So you have to try to be better than the competitors!

#1. Comfortable Beds

According to Statista, a survey conducted in May 2017 showed that 92% of the participants favored comfortable beds when asked to rank the amenities. So, if you are a hotel, it’s wise to focus on comfortable beds! Some travelers will be spending their time at your hotel to sleep peacefully at night.

Your hotel must be equipped with a comfortable bed. So, you can add it to your list.

#2. Cleanliness

Your hotel must be neat and clean. Keeping in view what’s going on worldwide, you have to be extra careful with cleanliness. You can hire the right service providers and also put hand sanitizers on public display.

Don’t forget to put the signs that people need to wash or sanitize their hands! You need to show the general public that your hotel is clean to attract more guests.

#3. Great Customer Service

If you want your hotel guests to have a wonderful experience, you can offer exceptional customer service. Appoint the right people for this job! Treat your customers as special guests! Remember, the customer is the king, and here your guests must feel like one!

Offer excellent customer support not only in person but also online. Nowadays, people want to get as much information as possible about a hotel before visiting it in person. So focus on the customer service!

#4. Excellent Amenities

Offer amenities of high quality to your guests. For example, offer toiletries that are of excellent quality. You can contact a reliable supplier, and thus, it can be a lot easier for you to arrange the products. Make sure the shampoo that your guests are using is incredible! Also, focus on getting the perfect lotion. The hotel soap has to be in suitable packaging! You can also offer shaving razors and wooden combs.

Remember, the goal here is to make the stay of your guests as comfortable as possible! The guests are staying at your hotel for a reason. Make sure they get the service they deserve. You have to focus on providing the best amenities to your guests.

#5. Safety

When guests come to stay at your hotel, they want to feel safe! So the overall ambiance of your hotel has to be safe and secure. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in state-of-the-art stuff so that customers can trust you easily. Also, let the customers know about your hotel so that they would know what to expect.

When it comes to the security of your guests, you have to be the best! You have to ensure them that they are safe when they are staying at your hotel.

#6. Internet

It’s hard to live without the internet in the era of information technology. The world has advanced to such an extent that you need wifi no matter where you are! You can provide free internet services to your guests. Some hotels may charge for the internet, but it’s better if you give it for free only for the guests who decide to stay at your hotel.

The guests can take advantage of the internet services and can talk to their loved ones! The free internet can also keep the guests entertained when they feel bored at the hotel.

#7. Complimentary Items

You can also offer complimentary items to your guests. It’s a choice! For example, if you want, you can provide complimentary breakfast to the guests. Doing so can help in attracting more customers to your hotel. It’s possible that other hotels in your area are not providing such services and because you are providing them, it can make your business more successful!

You can also offer complimentary hotel slippers and a lot more! You can survey what your customers would like as a complimentary item or service, and thus, you can decide accordingly. For example, a welcome basket full of snacks can be a great idea. However, it depends on the hotel.

Tips to Keep In Mind for The Basic Services

Bear the following tips in mind when providing the essential services to your guests:

  • Make sure your guests are happy with their stay at your hotel. A quick survey can help.
  • Ask the customers to leave reviews about your hotel. Doing so can help in grabbing the attention of more customers if the reviews are positive. Plus, you can also get an idea of what the customers prefer.
  • See what other businesses are doing differently. Then, try to find your unique selling point so that you can offer something special apart from the basics!
  • Focus on maintaining an online presence. It’s a must in the era of modernization. If you are not maintaining a virtual presence, how do you expect the guests to find you! Also, market your essential services online so that more customers can learn about your hotel.

Wrapping It Up

The hotels need to take good care of the guests! Providing the best essential services is vital. The hotel must give exceptional customer service and focus on cleanliness. A comfortable bed and toiletries can help the customers enjoy a comfortable stay. The Internet seems vital in the modern age. A hotel can also add more items to make the stay memorable for the guests. The hotel needs to focus on its online presence and market these basic services and more to potential guests. Make sure you are trying your best to provide the best services to your guests whether basic or extra!

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