The Basic Services That Hotels Must Provide To Their Guests

The world is full of luxurious hotels with fascinating designs, theme, and amenities. Human imagination has pushed all boundaries of the typical hotel experience. Due increasing demand, hotels are available at every corner of the globe. Hotels are available in underwater, sky, or treetop hideaways. For a delightful hotel experience availability of basic requirements is must. Many hotels fail to succeed in this industry. The reason behind this that they never understand the needs of the guests.

The competitiveness in the industry has raised the bar of hospitality. Some hotel still fails to provide basic requirements. It is the prime duty of every small or big hotel to provide a nice staying experience to their guests. A comfortable guesting experience raises the rating of the hotel.

It is the duty of the hotel management and hotel staff to meet the expectation of guests. It can help them to earn trust of their prestigious guests. Guests love to re-visit those hotels which serve them. Also, understands their basic needs and requirements.

Here are those prominent and basic services which every hotel needs to deliver to the guests:


Cleanliness plays an important role in hotel bookings. It is the most significant segment that every hotel needs to focus one. Offer the highest cleanliness standards to guests. Also, offer clean bedrooms, bathrooms, public spaces, and amenities impress the guests. This also gains loyalty of guests. As it’s a key initiative, recycling must not give way to a lack of hygiene. Hotels management should maintain the greatest level of cleanliness throughout the hotel.

Enough Security/Safety

The hotel management must abide by the safety and security rules. They should protect guests from any health hazards from pests. Serve clean and fresh food to avoid food poisoning. hotel should protect guests from any problems within the property. Hotel should give personalized safety and security measures. Children, women, and older people should get extra attention. Hotel should never compromise on safety/security of guests. They should use automated surveillance systems. Also, deployment of security guards should be in action 24/7.

24/7 Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi in the hotel remains the most desired in-room amenity according to guests. Availability of free and high-speed internet connectivity can allure more guests. It is the basic need of every individual, especially business officials. Speed, reliability, and security of WiFi are the key points that are imperative for guests.

Clean, Cozy, and Comfortable Beds

Clean, cozy, and comfortable beds make guests’ staying experience worthy. It is one of the basic needs for a relaxed sleep. A comfortable and suitable bedding give comfort to guests. Also, proper positioning of beds for adequate circulation are quite important. It gives an excellent experience.

Functional and Practical Bathroom

By functional and practical bathroom should available with every basic requirement. It should include bathing sets like towels, functional taps, Showers, soaps. Also, hygiene products: dental kits, surface wipes, shaving kits, and more. Also, adequate availability of 24/7 hot and cold water. A bathroom must be pleasant, cozy, clean, and fragrant.

Prompt Phone Answering

Hotel should follow standard guidelines to answer phone calls. Many hotels claim to follow the rule of answering the phone in the three rings. But, they often fail to meet expectations. The reception must answer every query of the guest . Every service in hotel has different extension number. Provide correct extension numbers to guests. Prompt phone answering impresses guests.

Proper Lighting

Proper lighting in the property lifts the mood of guests. It encourages positive feelings around. LED Lights mimic natural daylight. It is an improvement from yellow color traditional lights. Hotels can use adjustable lights as these lights adjust at night and allow for a soothing sleep.


Optimization of aromatherapy is growing in the hotel industry. As it heals and nourishes the mind, relieves stress and relaxes the body. The smell of the property impacts a guest’s first impressions. Guests are often sensitive to recently created hotel “signature” scents. Also, a stale smells from bathrooms and carpets can also be disturbing. This can influence the guest’s observation of the quality and cleanliness of a hotel.

Fresh & Delicious Food

Fresh, hot, and delicious food doubles the hotel’s credibility among its guests. Tasty food can speed up the guest’s experience; that’s why it is the basic need of every hotel. Many hotels fail to grab the attention of their guests because of the average food. The food and beverage department handles sustaining high-quality food and service. It also helps in managing restaurant, food costing, bars, and more.

Check-in and Check-out

A systematic and hassle-free check-in/out from the hotel is the main need of guests. Smooth check-ins offer a welcoming first impression of the hotel. If the guest didn’t get what they expected at this stage, it can ruin everything that comes between or after. There should be less use of traditional check-in/out facilities. Rather replace it with self-service check-in/out kiosks. It is more convenient for guests.

There are many advantages of self-service check-in/out kiosks to guests. It is better use of hotel resources. It is more personalized approach. It prevention from long queues. It enhanced customer satisfaction, minimizes human error and facilitates guest interaction.

– Guests should provide with a clear point of contact or direction for a better experience.

– Customer convenience should be the priority of the hotel management. Check-in/out should be hassle-free

– Consistency is the key. Guests will visit again if they experience the same comfort level every time they visit.


Guest should feel the hotel as a second home with all basic facilities. It does not matter how luxurious or affordable the hotel is. All guests must experience a warm welcome. Attentive service, a friendly face, warm thanks also pleases guests. Guests pay for the services which hotel has to offer. Thus, it is their responsibility to give guests every basic thing in the hotel. This will make their staying experience memorable. Guest must get a feeling that the hotel is their “home away from home.”

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