What Can I Do with the Used Disposable Hotel Amenities?

After using the hotel’s disposable soap, most of the rest is wasted. We can take away the remaining soap and use it when we leave the hotel. It not only avoids waste, reduces the generation of garbage, but also saves money.

1 Hotel disposable soap, even after opening it for use, it can still be used. You only need to rinse with water a few times, then ventilate and dry until it is completely dry. When you pack your luggage, especially when the suitcase is filled with dirty clothes that you replaced from a trip, put the soap in it so that the suitcase won’t stink. Will give off the scent of soap.

2 Put these disposable soaps in stockings or air-permeable bags and put them in the closet, which can not only prevent insects but also keep the fragrance of the clothes.

3 When you go out, get a piece of disposable soap from the hotel. It is light, easy to carry, and keeps your hands clean at all times. When our skin is bitten by mosquitoes and there is no anti-itch ointment around, we only need to soak soap in some drinking water and apply it to the mosquito bite area for a period to relieve itching. Especially convenient.

4 The disposable soap brought back from the hotel can be placed in the corner of the bathroom, not for bathing, but as an air freshener. Due to the volatility of soap itself, it can remove some toilet odors. Of course, this smell is not as obvious as air fresheners, but this smell is healthier and does not contain harmful substances.

In addition to soap, the base usually provides other disposable products. The packaging of some disposable products is very beautiful, and people will like it when they look at them, and they can’t help but take them home. Although some packaging is not very good but also has use-value. If we have not used up these things, the hotel will generally treat them as garbage, causing a lot of waste. So why don’t we take away the unused hotel disposables when we leave? It feels very much, and it also has value in its use.

1 Body wash and shampoo

Many people think that hotel shower gels and shampoos are relatively cheap, which may not be good for hair quality. Then you can use it to wash silk clothes. It is milder than laundry detergent, does not cause damage to clothes, and is easier to rinse off. Or you can use them to clean bathtubs, washbasins, and toilets. They are not as irritating as ordinary sanitary cleaning agents, will not damage the enamel of the sanitary ware, and have a soft and comfortable smell instead of a pungent disinfectant smell.

2 Disposable shower cap

There is not much difference between good and bad disposable shower caps. When you need to bring shoes when you travel. You only need to take out the disposable shower cap and put on your shoes and put them in your suitcase. It is convenient and hygienic, and there is no need to prepare shoes and bags, and it can ensure that your shoes will not pollute other items in the luggage.

I also like to wear a disposable shower cap when cooking or cleaning. This way I don’t need to wash my hair.

3 Hotel disposable toothbrush

The toothbrush is one of the best tools for cleaning fruits and vegetables. However, it is not hygienic to clean fruits and vegetables with a used toothbrush. The disposable toothbrush you brought home will come in handy.

Hearing me introduce so much about the use of hotel disposable products. Do you regret not taking home the unused disposable items every time you leave the hotel?

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