How Important Is Extra Amenity?

If you own a hotel, you may probably wonder about the significance of extra amenities! If so, you are in the right place.

There is intense competition out there. A quick web search can tell you that all businesses are trying to achieve a competitive edge. It’s hard to survive in the hotel industry if you are not ready to offer something extra! Hence, you have to consider the added amenities for your hotel. It can help your business grow and thrive.

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5 Benefits of Extra Amenities

There has to be some specific reason as to why a customer must choose your hotel! Extra amenity can provide the following benefits:

#1. Guests Prefer Your Hotel Over Others

Nowadays, it’s easier to find information about a hotel online. When customers are looking for a hotel, they can visit the official website, look at the images, and read the description. They get an idea of the hotel from the information available online. Let’s say if your hotel is providing something extra that others in the market don’t, why would a potential customer not opt for your hotel over others? A customer needs something extra to prefer your hotel over others.

Think about it! Let’s say you are planning vacations and looking for reliable hotels in the area. You see similar prices, but one particular hotel is giving complimentary breakfast or has a fitness center! These are some exciting things that you may want to look into when booking a hotel for your stay!

#2. It Spreads The Good Word

When your hotel offers something extra, it helps in spreading the good word. The happy customers will talk about the good things you have to offer in your hotel! In addition, it means they can discuss their stay with their friends and family members. Thus, you can expect more guests when you are working hard on providing extra!

Nowadays, people post their stories and stuff they like on social media. When potential customers visit your hotel, they can post stories and update images of their stay at your hotel. They can praise the extra amenities that can help attract more customers to your hotel.

#3. It Helps with Better Ratings

When people visit your hotel and enjoy the stay, they can leave ratings and reviews. These reviews are based on the customer experience and give a reader an idea of your performance. For example, let’s say if a customer rewards you with a 5-star or highest rating, you can expect more customers in the future.

When potential customers see the ratings and reviews, they are likely to view your hotel positively. In addition, good reviews leave a lasting impression on the new guests looking for a hotel and motivate you to do better for the customers. Thus, extra amenities can help you get better reviews and ratings.

#4. Customers Enjoy Extra Amenities

When you offer extra amenities, your customers enjoy them! Of course, the purpose of additional amenities is to make your business successful, but it’s also suitable for your customers as they genuinely want the extra features.

Who would not like a complimentary basket full of different items to welcome the guests or valet parking to save you from the hassle of finding a suitable parking spot? There are many things a hotel can think of and offer to the customers to make their stay exciting and fun.

#5. It Makes Customers Feel Special

Think about your stay at different hotels! Which one do you enjoy? The hotel you prefer may have a positive impact on your mind. It could be the customer service or the extra amenities that made you feel special! So, yes, a potential customer will love to feel special.

If you make your customers feel special by providing the extra amenities, they are likely to return to your hotel! It’s a great way to retain the customers and also acquire more customers for the business. You must learn how to keep your customers happy to make your hotel successful. One exciting way of doing it is with the help of extra hotel amenities. Make sure you are trying your best!

How Can You Add Extra Amenities to Your Hotel?

Extra amenities can help you in many ways. Several ways can help you add extra amenities to your hotel, such as:

  • You can offer a complimentary welcome basket to your guests that’s full of cookies and snacks. If your guests are staying with kids, you can become their favorite!
  • You can provide complimentary slippers that are of high quality. You can also offer shaving razors and other such items that are not common with all other hotels.
  • You can offer complimentary breakfast to your guests! It can help them save money on breakfasts during their stay.
  • Let your hotel offer a city tour to the guests. This way, they need not find a tour guide and can rely on the hotel.
  • If your guests enjoy books, you can offer complementary books. So if your guests are readers, you can become their favorite hotel.

There is a lot more you can offer! You have to be creative! You also need to see your budget and what easily you can offer. A little goes a long way, and even small gestures count. There is a reason why some businesses thrive while others fail. If your competitors are doing better than you, then there must be a reason for it! You have to see the most viable option available for you and work hard towards your goals.

Wrapping It Up  

When you provide extra amenities to your hotel customers, you can expect them to be happy! A content customer is what you are aiming for to make your business successful. There is intense competition in the hotel industry, and it’s wise to provide something extra to make yourself unique from the competitors. So focus on the additional amenities, and you can expect to thrive!

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