What amenities are most important to you in a hotel

You may be wondering about your next vacation! Certain hotel amenities may be important to you. You want to stay at a specific hotel because of the hotel amenities

For beginners who are not aware of hotel amenities, it’s a feature or a facility that a hotel provides to the guests. The purpose of the hotel amenity is to make your stay comfortable. You get the basic amenities such as shampoo, lotion, soap, and also the added ones like a fitness center in the hotel. 

The question here is, what amenities are most important to you? Let’s find out. 

List of Hotel Amenities for You 

Some of the hotel amenities you can expect in the room are as follows: 

Refrigerator: There will be a full-size or a mini-refrigerator in your room. You can keep the leftovers in the refrigerator so it’s quite useful for your stay especially if you plan a longer stay at the hotel. 

Microwave: You can use the microwave for warming up the food or coffee/tea. Again it’s useful as you need not buy fresh food again and again

Oven: Some hotels provide an oven to the guests especially those staying in a suite. It’s easy for the guests to cook their food. 

Coffee Maker: Some hotels may go to the extent of providing free coffee that you can prepare yourself in the coffee maker. It’s a wonderful feature especially for those who adore fresh coffee. 

Free Wifi: The hotel may provide free wifi. Some hotels may charge a fee so it ideally depends on where you stay. It’s important to stay connected with the world. 

Toiletries: The hotel supplies such as soap, shampoo, and lotion are extremely important. It’s hard to stay without such basic amenities. You may love the scent of the soap or the shampoo that can be your favorite too

Hotel Slippers: You may love the hotel slippers of a certain hotel. Some hotels may even let you take the slippers home. When in doubt, you can always ask the front desk! 

Complimentary Breakfast: A hotel may make you happy with the complimentary breakfast and it could be the reason to go for it! 

Swimming Pool: You may love swimming so staying at a hotel means, a swimming pool is a must! This could be your favorite!! 

Fitness Centre: If you like taking care of yourself and working out is your priority no matter what then you may look for a fitness center in a hotel. If it’s your preferred facility then you need to check thoroughly in advance whether the hotel of your choice has a fitness center or not. 

Towels: The hotels provide fresh towels in the bathroom. You can also ask for the beach towels when you go down swimming. You can get the beach towels from the reception, but the room towels are for the bathroom. 

Tissues: You can see tissues in the room. Tissues are a must when staying at the hotel especially with small kids. 

Washer/Dryer: A hotel may even provide the washer/dryer unit inside the room. It will be a lifesaver with the kids!

Hairdryer: If you love styling, a hairdryer will be a must for you! You may forget yours at home and that’s where a hotel’s hairdryer can be of huge help. 

Free Parking And Valet Service: It will be great to get free parking from the hotel. Valet service can make your life easy! You need not go through the hassle of parking or finding your car.

Which Hotel Amenity Is Your Favorite? 

Now that you are aware of different types of hotel amenities, it will be easy to select your favorite now. 

For example, if you’re a parent of small kids who is staying in the hotel for some days, you would love to have the washer/dryer unit in your room. 

You may love the bathroom supplies in the hotel. You may love the fragrance of lotion or hair shampoo. 

It depends on your personal preference! You could be a coffee person so you would love the coffee machine in your room. 

Why are Hotel Amenities Important? 

There is so much competition in the hotel industry. Let’s say if you are planning a vacation with your family, you would love to stay at a suitable hotel. You may have tons of options available to you. These there has to be an edge provided by such hotels that lets you decide whether to go with a certain hotel or not! 

● You may opt for a certain hotel because of the hotel amenities. 

● You want to have the best time of your life and thus, you are looking for the best features a hotel can offer! 

● You see what other people are sharing about their experiences. Thus, based on your reviews you can find the best hotel providing amazing hotel amenities. 

7 Tips to Keep In Mind for Hotel Amenities 

1. Book a hotel that’s easy on the pocket and also offers free wi-fi services. It’s hard to stay disconnected! You want the virtual presence as you need to connect with your friends and family members. 

2. Make sure the hotel offers free parking space or at least it’s reasonable. Parking your vehicle in a safe spot can be a hassle if the hotel doesn’t offer free space. 

3. See if you can get the deal with free breakfast! Think about it, you can save some money on food. 

4. Make sure you have everything important packed with you, but if not you can take advantage of the hotel amenities especially the bathroom supplies. 

5. Some hotels may let you take the hotel slippers home. When in doubt, ask the front desk whether you can take the hotel slippers or not. 

6. Get an idea of the hotel amenities in advance especially if you are traveling with small kids. The purpose of the hotel stay is to make yourself feel at home. You want to be comfortable during your stay and the hotel amenities can play a vital role.

7. Grab free coffee in the morning! You can see if the hotel offers free coffee. You can enjoy your time sipping the coffee. 

Final Words 

What’s suitable for one person may not be suitable for the other. So, your favorite amenity may differ. It depends on what’s your personal preference and whether you’re traveling with kids, alone, for a business trip, vacation, and the list goes on! 

Tell us your favorite in the comments. 

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