Uses of soap that you don’t know

Many people like the bubbles of shower gel. The delicate foam is the standard for many people to measure the quality of shower gel. It is comfortable with a bath ball. There are also many fragrances. In addition to milk flavors, there are also various floral fragrances, which can make the whole body smooth and tender after washing, so many people prefer shower gels for bathing.

However, it should be pointed out that the smooth skin texture after showering with shower gel is due to the addition of chemical ingredients such as lubricants. After we bathe with shower gel, the lubricant will be attached to the surface of the skin. So it brings us smooth and tender skin.

It should also be pointed out that the cleansing function of shower gel is relatively weak compared to soap, so oily skin is more prone to clogged pores. Dry skin is more suitable to use shower gel.

Our country started to use synthetic detergents in the Song Dynasty. It is a simple method to mash and grind the honey locust, then add various medicinal petal powders, artificially make it into a spherical shape, and use it to wash your face and take a bath. Soaps are generally made with high-quality vegetable or animal fats. After grinding and molding, it can be made into a block, and it can also be added with people’s favorite spices and colors and stabilized with preservatives. Many handmade soaps do not have preservatives and have very natural ingredients. Therefore, soap contains fewer chemical ingredients than shower gel and is relatively healthier.

There are three types of soap: alkaline, acidic, and neutral. Alkaline soap has a strong decontamination ability and is more suitable for people with oily skin. Neutral soap is less irritating and suitable for people with normal and dry skin. Acid soap has the weakest decontamination ability and has a certain skincare effect. It is suitable for children and people with sensitive skin.

Many families will prepare a few pieces of soap, but it has other uses besides cleaning. Today I will share with you some magical uses of soap at home to help you solve many troubles in your life.

1Remove the smell of shoes

What should I do if I wear shoes for a long time in the summer, which may cause sweating and smelly feet? Prepare 2 pieces of soap, wrap the soap with a paper towel, and put it in your shoes. After leaving it for one night, the smell in the shoes disappeared immediately.

2 Anti-itch

What should I do if I get itchy after being bitten by a mosquito in summer? Just prepare a piece of soap, dip it in some water and apply it to the mosquito bite area. Mosquitoes secrete formic acid when they bite, and the soap is alkaline and can react with it to neutralize its acid-base, which can relieve itching.

3 put the wardrobe to prevent mildew and insects

Prepare a piece of soap, wrap the soap with a paper towel and place it in the closet. Put a piece of soap in the closet to prevent mildew and insects.

4 homemade mosquito repellent

Use a paring knife to cut the soap into soap powder, add a spoonful of sugar, pour in enough water, stir and melt, and put it in the corner of the house to eliminate mosquitoes.

6 Lubricate the zipper

If the zipper of the clothes or jeans you usually wear can’t be pulled, just apply some soap, which has a good lubricating effect, and you can easily pull the zipper.

7 Avoid fog

Magical effect 3: The glasses we often wear are dirty, we only need to apply some soap on the top of the glasses, and the lenses will be clean without fogging!

8 Caring for the strap

If the watch is worn for too long, the strap is easy to smell. Just apply a layer of soap on it and wipe it clean with a paper towel. This will leave a layer of soap film, which will not smell if you wear it all summer.

9 Clean the toilet

Cut a hole in the mask, stuff it with soap, tie it up, and put it in the toilet tank, so that soap will flow out every time you flush.

Finally, there is a magical effect.

When you usually need to paint, you need to bring some soap to your hands, especially the gaps between your nails, so that the paint on your hands can be easily washed off without sticking your hands at all.

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