How Hotel Amenities Enrich The Customer Experience ?

Your ideal customer belongs to the age of information technology and has many choices. Are you doing anything special for your customer? Are you giving complimentary breakfast? Is there free coffee? How about hotel amenities? Are the hotel amenities outclass? Have you ever thought about enriching customer experience by providing the best hotel amenities? If not then you are in the right place.

Every small gesture counts. For example, if you provide excellent customer service, people can prefer your hotel over others! In the same way, if you offer hotel amenities better than your competitors, you have a high chance of achieving a competitive edge. You may not know, but hotel amenities can be crucial for the success and growth of your business.

Let’s dig in.

Hotel Amenities And Customer Experience

According to the Statista (2017) survey, 75% of the guests preferred drinks and food a hotel offers. Large rooms and sustainability of the hotel were preferred by 79%. 83% of the guests enjoyed flexible booking conditions, and 89% wanted free internet access. Comfortable beds topped the list with 92%, while cleanliness was at 91%. So, keeping in view such statistics, you may have a fair idea of what your customer seeks in a suitable hotel.

Hotel amenities can make a big difference, such as:

  • You can invest in high-quality soap that your customers can remember for life! Provide such soap that when customers use it, they love your hotel even more!
  • You can get the best shampoo, lotion, and conditioner. It’s hard to find a suitable shampoo and conditioner. If yours is good they may request to buy some! And don’t forget the scented lotion. Focus on the scent of the lotion that a guest prefers for their dry skin.
  • Provide hotel slippers of high quality to your customers. You can also print the logo of your hotel on the slippers.
  • You can make a basket of different items and offer them to your guests. They will love it! You can put chocolate on the pillow to welcome the guests.
  • Provide shaving razor, comb, and toothbrush. You can think of the essential things that a traveler needs and include them in your hotel’s list of supplies.
  • Decorate the hotel in a good way. Use furniture of good quality. Try to make the customers feel as if they are at home away from home! In short, offer excellent customer service.
  • Don’t forget to include the coffee maker and also provide complimentary coffee for a comfortable stay.
  • Also, offer free breakfast to your guests. Free breakfast can make a lot of difference. It can save money for the guests.
  • Customers may find it hard to find a parking spot. You can even offer free parking at your hotel. Plus, a valet service can be an extra benefit. When guests know that they need not go through the hassle of finding a parking spot, it can work in your favor.
  • Some customers may prefer a pool, spa, and fitness center. Such facilities can be great for your hotel. So, there are different ways to make your customer come back only to your hotel!

When you look at things from a customer’s perspective, it will be easy to think out of the box to enrich the customer experience. Hotel amenities can play a significant role. Nowadays, when people surf online, they have tons of options. They can select any hotel or a place to stay. You have to see what value you can add to their life and one way to do that is by providing the best hotel amenities.

Importance of Hotel Amenities

It’s hard to deny the significance of hotel amenities, for example:

  • The hotel amenities can work in your favor. For example, if you provide complimentary hotel slippers to your guests, they can help in business branding. When other people see your customers wearing cozy slippers, they may want it too. Also, the logo on the slippers can help potential customers to remember the name of your hotel.
  • When you offer free Wifi, and others don’t, you will be a preferred choice. Think about it! According to Data Reportal, 4.88 billion people around the world were using the internet in October 2021. The number is still growing! With such statistics, it’s easy for you to see how vital Wifi is for the guests. Thus, when you provide free Wifi, it can be great for the customers!
  • It’s expensive to book a hotel and plan a vacation. When you provide complimentary breakfast, the customers can look into price-saving options.
  • There has to be no comprise on cleanliness and comfortable beds. Make sure you focus on the cleanliness and mention it on the official website too. Hire the best service providers to clean your hotel inside and out.
  • The ambiance of the hotel will look great when you invest in the right stuff! You have to make sure that customers love their experience when they stay at your hotel. They must come back to you again!
  • Focus on exceptional customer service too. Give training to staff so that they can handle the angry customers exceptionally well. If someone is not happy with the services, you can offer free products or special discounts.
  • You can sell bathrobes and other such items. Spend some time finding a reliable supplier for such things.

You can also see what your competitors are trying to do with amenities! If a certain competitor is providing great customer service, you can try to be better! It’s about giving your customers the best experience they deserve by providing hotel amenities of high quality.

Wrapping It Up

Hotel amenities can play a critical role in enriching customer experience. The customers of the modern age have knowledge and expertise that can help them find the best price. So, it all comes down to what experience you can provide. If you want the customers to become regular, it’s time to focus on the hotel amenities.

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