How to pick the right toiletries for your hotel?

Making decisions isn’t easy. You need to have a lot of considerations in mind. There are too many things to think about. The same can be said for the hotel business. You are responsible for your guests’ satisfaction. You might feel under tremendous pressure to live up to their expectations. Your services need to be perfect. It can get rather confusing with so much going on! Especially, if you are a newbie in the hospitality business, it is highly likely that you would appreciate some help.

Buying toiletries comes with a number of clauses. This is because the quality needs to be perfect. The service needs to be impeccable. Besides, people are almost always particular about their personal hygiene. You may feel a little lost about what toiletries to pick for your guests. Here are some questions you need to ask before you pick a brand or provider for your hotel’s toiletry supplies.

Are the toiletries in line with the hotel’s brand?

Your hospitality establishment embodies certain principles and values. On one hand, it aims to completely satisfy its guests. On the other hand, it is directed towards ethical business and management. The brand of your hotel carries a number of ideals along with it. The premise it is built on has a certain aura that requires upholding. While buying products like toiletries, you need to make sure that they also match the company’s brand. The products you offer to your guests must also support the prestige of the establishment. The promise of quality you wish to keep must also be a factor. So, you have to keep in mind that the toiletries you pick must reflect the hotel’s brand.

Do the toiletries fit the hotel’s ethos?

Ethical business is a huge responsibility. If you wish to provide the best for your guests, you also need to shoulder the responsibility. If your hotel’s ethos embodies certain values, then those principles need to reflect your choice of products. Quite a few hotel values may apply to toiletries. For example, your hotel may heavily prioritise the environment. In that case, your toiletries could be easily disposable or recyclable. Similarly, your hotel may have many such principles. Your toiletries should also abide by them in a number of ways. This should be a consideration when you pick a toiletry brand or provider.

What are the sizes of the toiletry portions you are trying to provide?

When it comes to kits and portions, size does matter. Toiletry portions are actually very important. It helps with effective waste management. Also, it makes the toiletry kit easier to handle for your guests. Large portions are often inconvenient to use. Again, it can become a problem if the portions aren’t enough for your guest’s use. Replacing the kits over and over again can become quite a task. Besides, asking for refills for the products can be a source of annoyance for your guests. Before you pick the toiletries for your guests, check for the portion sizes. Make sure that the providers craft the sizes according to these factors.

Is the quality of your toiletries good enough for your guests?

This is perhaps the most important consideration you need to have. Your guests can not remain unsatisfied with your service. This is the primary objective. That is why you simply must prioritise the quality of the products you offer. You simply can’t afford to have your guests breaking out with allergies because of the toiletries you offered them! Your toiletries should ideally steer clear from allergens and the like. Besides, it must also have components that actually benefit the user. They could even be customised according to their special preferences. In any case, your toiletries need to be high in quality.

Can your provider customise your toiletries according to the guests’ liking?

In line with the last point, customisations go a long way. When you purchase toiletries for your guests, consider this. Go for a provider who will not be opposed to customising the products. Sometimes, VIP guests can request products that fit their specific needs. Besides, they can have requests related to the aesthetic value of the products as well. Guests may also have conditions that necessitate that the products they use contain or leave out certain ingredients. In any case, customisable options make a world of difference. It will always be prudent to go for the provider or brand that can make it happen. So, keep that in mind when you pick the right toiletries for your guests.

What impact will your toiletries have on the environment?

Another very important thing to consider is the ultimate fate of your products. Can they be efficiently repurposed? Can they be recycled? Are too many harmful chemicals flowing down the drain? Is the wastage excessive? The environmental impact of your products is an important consideration. Besides, it could be a good selling point for your hotel too. Guests will always appreciate minimised waste output. Doing your bit for the environment can never be a bad thing! So buy your toiletry supplies from providers who have these considerations in mind.

Will your association with your toiletry providers help you in the long run?

Building a strong rapport with your toiletry providers can be a big help later. It can open up opportunities for more business relationships. In any case, you need to pick toiletries provided by trusted sellers. Cultivating a work environment built with trust and mutual understanding will become easy. A stable relationship with your provider means that you can trust them. You can leave the well being of your guests in their hands. While choosing the toiletries, make sure they come from reliable sources.

Often, guests make a beeline for their bathroom after a long day. Who doesn’t appreciate a warm shower at the end of an exhausting journey? Typically, a well-stocked toiletry kit is the first service your guests will experience. Make sure you make it worth it for them! Once you have satisfactory responses to these questions, pick the right toiletries and wow your guests!

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