What to Do with Unused Hotel Amenities

It’s important that you know what to do with the unused stuff so that you can make the most of it! Have you ever wondered what to do with unused hotel amenities? Let’s find out today.

A lot depends on your personal preference if you are a hotel guest! For example, let’s say you have plenty of hotel amenities and you may have been to different hotels during the year. Now that you have so much stuff, you are not sure what to do with it! You can use it, throw it, donate it, or reuse it!

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8 Things You Can Do with Unused Hotel Amenities

With lots of unused hotel amenities, you can try the following:

#1. Donate to Homeless Shelter

If there is a homeless shelter in your area, you can donate the hotel amenities there! Make sure whatever you donate is in good condition. Check the expiration date of the products.

There are many other organizations that would be interested in accepting the donations so you can check and see what’s nearest so that you can easily drop off the items you no longer need. Such items may not be useful for you, but for others, they can mean a lot! If there are any other supplies at your house that you no longer use, then try donating them too!

#2. Make A Gift Basket

If you know someone in the family or friends fond of hotel amenities, you can make an exciting gift basket for this person. You can include the unused hotel amenities and also other things like chocolate and snacks!

You can also throw in some mini cosmetics that this person likes, and voila! A gift basket will be ready. It’s a good idea, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot. You can just pack the hotel amenities nicely and gift them to someone who would love these.

#3. Put Them In The Guest Room

Another way to make the best of unused hotel amenities is to put them in the guest room. For example, you can set the hotel amenities in the bathroom of your guests. It’s a good idea as it can be cost-effective too. You need not buy extra supplies for the guest room as the unused hotel amenities would be enough.

You can decorate the guest room as if it’s a hotel room! It can be a good idea to give a certain theme to your guest room. The goal here is to make your guest feel special so that the unused hotel amenities can be of great help!

#4. Use for Travel

Suppose you travel a lot and find it hard to carry the shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc., then why not take the unused hotel amenities with you! The unused items can come in handy while traveling if you are not staying at a hotel.

When you have the hotel soap, you can easily wash your hands if you are going for a road trip. In addition, you need not buy the hand soap separately if you have fresh items that you do not yet use!

#5. Take to Your Gym

Another way to take advantage of the unused hotel amenities is that you can take it to your gym! You can wash your hands and put on lotion. In any case, the hotel amenities can come in handy.

If you are fond of working out, it’s a good idea to keep such items with you. It’s easy when you are carrying the essentials in your bag. You never know what may be useful!

#6. Give-Away for Free

You can create a post on your social media page and ask your friends and family or anyone who needs the unused hotel amenities. You can tell the details or show images. Provide the details on how old these are, and you can soon find someone willing to grab these from you!

You may have heard someone say that one man’s trash is another’s man treasure, so you never know who is interested in the treasure that you are carrying. You may find the unused hotel amenities useless, but it can be worth it for someone out there!

#7. Save It for Rainy Days

Another thing that you can do with the unused hotel amenities is to save them for the rainy days! When there is a lockdown or any other emergency, people rush to superstores, and you find the shelves empty. It’s hard to find any item in some cases! Thus, it’s a good idea to keep the unused hotel amenities and use them when the time is right.

You can save the hotel amenities in your closet or some other place. Then, when you are out of shampoo or any other such supplies, you can take advantage of the unused hotel amenities.

#8. Throw Away The Useless Items

You must check the expiration date on the disposable bottles. If there is nothing mentioned, it’s better to check the color and consistency. If something appears odd, it’s better to throw away the items you no longer use.

What’s the point of keeping anything that’s of no use! Thus, it’s better to get rid of such stuff. Make sure you are checking the date of expiration thoroughly. For hotel slippers, it’s better to throw them!

Wrapping It Up

There are many things that you can do with the unused hotel amenities. You can donate it to charity or give these to someone fond of such items. It’s possible to create a post on social media and ask people if they would like to get such supplies. Also, you can keep these in the guest room or maybe save them for the rainy days. If you travel quite a lot, it’s a good idea to take advantage of such supplies while traveling. Thus, there is a lot that’s possible! It’s your personal choice, and you can decide what to do with unused hotel amenities as you have the final say.

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