3 Better Ways to Clean Your Skin Without Using Soap

Did you know that cleansing your face with soap can be harmful to your skin? To keep your skin healthy and shining, you’d better do it naturally. Remember, your skin is one of the most important organs in your body.

It is vital to our overall health since it shields us from illness and injury. It even helps regulate our body temperature while preserving it in good form. This is why taking care of it will also benefit our general health.

But, did you know that you can wash and maintain the cleanliness of your facial skin naturally? Yes, you can do it without using any chemical-based products like soap, face wash, or cleanser. You can just wash your skin with natural products to keep it clean. 

So, toss off the store-bought face wash, soap, and cleanser. To keep your skin sparkling naturally, use these natural cleansers that are readily available in your kitchen cabinet. To help you keep your skin healthy, we will share with you three natural ways to do so.

1. Think about cleaning with oil.

Cleansing oils are one alternative. Though it may seem counterintuitive to use oil to clean your skin, it is a far healthier option than soap. People who use oil-based cleansers can wash away dirt and dead skin cells without causing damage to their natural oil barrier.

One thing to keep in mind is to grease up before entering the shower. Whenever newer oil-based cleaners are wet, they form a light foam that washes away quickly without harming your skin or leaving a residue.

2. Make your natural scrub at home.

There are thousands of different recipes for things that you can produce in your own home for the DIYer. The list just goes on and on, from salt and sugar scrubs to oatmeal and honey chemical peels. Brit + Co provides a few all-natural remedies for exfoliating dead skin cells. 

It helps keep your body nourished without compromising your skin’s natural barrier. However, you can make your blend at home. You can use a few natural ingredients like oatmeal, pomegranate juice, cucumber, plain yogurt, avocado oil, honey, and sugar. 

Lemon can help you do this as well, especially if you have oily skin. Keep in mind that lemon is a great cleanser for all skin types. 

Just a gentle reminder:

Every time there’s new skincare or soap product on the market, test your skin. Observe your skin’s reaction for at least 24 hours in a tiny area to see whether you have had any negative reactions.

3. Remove any dead skin cells with a brush.

Scrubbing is another great way to get rid of dead skin cells and grime from your top layer of skin while also encouraging the creation of healthy oils. Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like: you use a natural fiber brush to scrub your skin while it’s dry. The bristles’ motion on your skin exfoliates and removes debris.

There’s also some evidence that brushing your skin promotes lymphatic drainage, which acts as a detox for your entire body, not just your skin. To practice dry brushing yourself, you’ll need a high-quality, organic bristle brush, which can usually be found in the bath section.

Steps for dry brushing

Brush upwards towards your feet, following your body’s curves.

Put moderate pressure with the brush in clockwise circles—milder on thinner skin, stronger on broader skin.

At all times, rub towards the center of your chest.

Brush your arms, palms towards your body, after scrubbing your lower extremities, abdomen, and chest.

Rinse with cool water after brushing your entire body and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Did you know?

Water is the only thing you need to stay clean. It’s just water. Water does a good job of removing dirt without depleting your skin’s natural oils.

Also, stay away from those long, hot baths. A few minutes under the spray is all it takes to remove a day’s worth of filth, and much longer could dry out your skin. But, if you’re worried, put a mild cleaner on your armpits and genital area.

How about soaps made from natural ingredients?

If you’re not quite ready to give up soap, consider a natural or handmade small-batch soap. These are less abrasive than professionally produced bars. It is often made with good components like shea butter, coconut oil, or olive oil. 

Meanwhile, commercially produced bars are made with harsh chemicals and low-quality oils and fats.


           It’s best to pitch out your soaps if you are not certain what’s in them. Since bar soaps have a higher, more alkaline pH than normal skin, they are often the toughest. All forms of soap dissolve and rinse away the necessary oils for our skin.

Why do you need to wash your face?

Cleaning the face is necessary for good skin health and has the following advantages:

1. It is vital to remove dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells, and other undesired detritus. 

Face cleansing daily eliminates build-up and gives the skin a healthy glow. These contaminants will collect on the skin if it is not kept clean, causing a variety of skin disorders. Furthermore, this build-up will hinder skincare products from adequately reaching the skin.

2. Maintaining appropriate skin hydration requires regular facial washing and moisturizing. 

Dehydrated skin appears dull, wrinkled, old, and harsh. Cleaning the face also aids in regulating the pH balance of the skin, which keeps it healthy and supple. Hydrated skin has a higher rate of cell turnover, less pigmentation, and a slower aging process.

3. It aids in the maintenance of clean, healthy skin. 

Small glands in the skin called sebaceous glands secrete an oily material called sebum to protect the skin. To get the oil onto the skin surface, these glands employ hair follicles within the skin. Excess oil and pollutants can clog follicles.

Improving your cleansing regimen keeps your skin healthy, especially if you are doing it naturally. Remember, how you manage and treat your body reflects your overall health. Indeed, doing it naturally is your simple way of allowing your body to take care of itself and create its natural armor in return.

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