Hotel toiletries and personal care products

Your hotel is a reflection of you. It portrays the care you provide. Your guests are very important to you. It is only natural to want to give them the very best. Giving them a home-like environment is the end goal. So you will want to provide them with everything they might need. More importantly, certain things are the norm. Your guests will expect certain amenities and services. But what can you do to satisfy them above and beyond their expectations? 

A lot! Upgrading your services is the way to go about it. Inside the hotel room, toiletry kits are the norm. But adding a personal touch could make your guests feel very special. Besides, your guests will appreciate receiving more than the basic toiletry kit. Self-care items could be a massive improvement to the package, too! These are products that can do wonders to improve your guests’ hotel experience. 

Why are hotel toiletries and personal care products important?

Toiletries and personal grooming are a part of everyone’s day. It becomes a huge inconvenience if these articles of everyday use are not in place. Imagine waking up in the morning and not knowing where your toothbrush is! It is a huge hassle if these articles are inaccessible. Your guests will feel unprepared for their entire day. Besides, the amenities you provide are a sign of your concern. They prove how invested you are in your guests’ comfort. So if you provide a holistic toiletry and self-care kit, it sends a message. On the other hand, if you give them just the bare minimum, they will feel uncared for. 

Hotel toiletries and personal care products are not just a material necessity. They are a means of communicating that you care. This makes them an important aspect of the hotel experience.

Choose the right toiletries 

The toiletries you choose to incorporate can make all the difference in the world. The bare essentials would be a dental kit and self-cleaning products. But you can take it up a notch by adding or improving the items. For example, instead of just a shampoo, you can add a hair mask and a conditioner. The hair mask may even be customizable! Or, say, add an exfoliating scrub along with the basic soap.

The dental kit could replace the manual toothbrushes with an electric toothbrush. Aside from toothpaste, mouthwash could be an interesting addition. Besides, what a lot of hotels overlook is a flossing string. Make this a part of the dental kit to show that you care about your guests’ oral hygiene. Oh, and throwing in a few mouth fresheners could help too! 

You could upgrade the shaving kit too. Most shaving kits in hotel toiletries have a basic shaving lather and a razor. But many miss out on trimmers. Plus, another addition could be female shaving products. Post-shaving gels and balms are necessary for the health of the skin too. Overall, there are many upgrades you could make, Turn your basic toiletry kit into an all-around service!

Beauty products can go a long way

In today’s world, knowing how to groom yourself is a win-win. Basic hygiene products aren’t the be-all and end-all anymore. You need to consider lotions, oils, balms, and similar products. Skincare is something that everyone should invest in, after all. Of course, the products have to be of very good quality. Make sure that the products you provide are perfect for your clients, though. A good way to go about it would be a pre-stay survey. Get the details of things that your guests are allergic to. Tailor their beauty kits in a way that will circumvent any disasters. You might need to have a few options ready to pull this off, but it’s doable!

Providing hair care products in the room can also be a great move. A big-toothed comb, for example, is a necessity. Non-heat curlers could also be something to add to the in-room amenities. After all, who doesn’t like voluminous hair for their day out? Hair serums and styling products could also help a ton. Haircare and skincare are both very important for most of your guests. You could never go wrong with showing some concern for what is important to them! 

Grooming devices and gadgets can be very helpful 

Not all hotels put a lot of effort into providing self-grooming products. It might not be common to find a hair straightener in every hotel room. So take the opportunity to provide the uncommon! Electrical self-grooming products are often overlooked. But perms, curlers, straighteners, et cetera could all be valuable additions to your in-room service. What makes them more important is their fragility. As for gadgets, people might be uncomfortable with carrying them around. It is very easy to damage them, after all. Besides, it isn’t convenient to drag along grooming products like these all the time. That is why your guests will be greatly impressed if hair straighteners and hair curlers join the in-room service artillery!

Add a personal touch

Putting your hotel’s insignia on the products that you provide is a wonderful thing. It gives advertising a shove. But other than that, there are other purposes too. It can add to the novelty factor to the products that you provide. Aesthetic packaging could also help your guests feel special. Moreover, you could invest in environment-friendly packaging. Do away with plastics and harsh pollutants in the products or the packaging. This way, you get to give back to the environment! These are personal touches that your guests will appreciate!

Making slight improvisations to the services you provide can make all the difference in the world. Your guests will take note of your efforts and your commitment to your comfort. Putting to provide innovative services will guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty. You have the tips and tricks now. All you have to do is put them to practice. Winning your guests’ hearts is the very next stop! 

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