7 Innovative Hotel Amenities Ideas to Consider

You could be a new hotel in the area, and thus, it’s time to impress your guests. There could be many things on your mind; why not start with the innovative hotel amenities. 

Hotel amenities are the exciting features that hotels offer, and these desirable features also make the hotel interesting for the guests. For example, remember the last vacation with your family, and you loved the toiletries! Of course, some hotel amenities are basic, but let’s talk about the innovative ones here. 

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1. Luxury Hotel Slippers with Logo 

There are many amenities that a hotel can offer, but you can benefit from the luxury hotel slippers. Let the hotel slippers at your place be the talk of the town. Make sure you add your hotel’s logo as it would help in free marketing. You may wonder how! When the hotel guests would show off the luxury slippers to their friends and family members, the other people would love to grab these slippers too! 

Establish your hotel as a brand and make sure everything you do is excellent! Start with providing great customer service and make sure you offer hotel slippers of high quality. You may not realize this now, but you will notice that a bit of investment can go a long way! 

2. Complimentary Gift Basket 

Remember the time when you were a child getting presents on your birthday. It must have been the best feeling in the world. Of course, time goes by, but some things never change. You still love the idea of presents and thus you know that the hotel guests would also love the complimentary gift baskets! 

So, you can offer complimentary gift baskets to the hotel guests and see if it impresses them! Share in the comments if it does. Spread the good word! After all, you want your customers to be happy. So, let people know that you offer complimentary gift baskets. 


3. Snack Basket for The Family 

If you are fond of food, you would love the idea of a snack basket from the hotel! When you are in the hotel business, it’s good to know what your customers like and dislike. Thanks to the power of the internet and information technology, you can do a quick survey and see what the customers prefer about your hotel. You never know it could be the snack basket. 

You can prepare the snack basket with sweet and salty snacks. Make it interesting. You can include chocolates and chips for the kids. Also, you can make a healthy snack basket. It all comes down to what you want to offer your guests! You have the final say. No matter what, make sure your guests are happy at the end of the day. 

4. Free Workout Classes 

If your hotel has a fitness center, you can take advantage of it in many ways. You can offer fitness classes to hotel guests. You can arrange free virtual classes for their friends also! It can be great for the marketing of your business, but you have to be tactful. 

Market on the hotel’s website that you are offering free workout classes. Also, mention on social media these fitness classes. Spread the good word. Let the world know that you favor fitness, and that’s why you would offer free fitness classes at your hotel for the guests and even for their friends! There is a lot that you can do. Trial and error would give you enough information to see what works best for you! 

5. Free Cooking Class with Hotel Chef 

If the restaurant at your hotel offers yummy food, you can take advantage of that! What you can do is provide free cooking classes to hotel guests. You can arrange these classes with the hotel chef! 

Depending on the preference of the hotel guests, you can offer virtual cooking classes. It all comes down to what’s easy for you and what you can do the best for the hotel guests. 

6. Borrowing Closet for Clothes And Other Things 

Let’s say your hotel is in a location where it snows a lot. The hotel guests would be visiting your hotel from different locations, and thus, it would be interesting to offer a borrowing closet for warm clothes, shoes, skiing equipment, and more. 

You can advertise on the website of your hotel about the borrowing closet. It would be fun and exciting for the potential guests to consider your hotel as they would not need to go through the hassle of arranging the equipment or clothes for the trip. You can think of other things to let the hotel guests borrow. It could also be books, especially if many writers prefer to stay at your hotel. You can offer different things! 

7. Environmentally Friendly Complimentary Items 

It would be interesting and fun to offer eco-friendly hotel amenities to the hotel guests. You can mention on the hotel website that you offer complementary products that are great for the environment’s well-being. You can also educate the website visitors why it’s vital to consider such products through a blog and free workshop at your hotel. Anyone who attends the workshop would get goody bags full of such items. 

The eco-friendly items can include a bamboo comb, a bamboo toothbrush, and more! You can think of the things that you can easily arrange or buy for your hotel so that you can give these products to your precious hotel guests. 

Wrapping It Up 

The hotel amenities can be an interesting and fun way to capture the attention of potential hotel guests. When people search for a suitable hotel for their stay, yours can show up in the search engine, and when you offer fun amenities, it can entice potential hotel guests. You have to try different things and see what works in favor of your hotel. Try the ideas mentioned above and see if it helps. 

You can share in the comments what worked for you! 

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